Why the macaroon ?

We are all macaroons, as we all keep preciously between our hard and crispy protective shells a
soft and tasty flavour which defines us and makes us unique individuals. When we dare sharing
the softness of who we really are, we leave our mark in people’s minds for ever.

The softness in you !

My trainings for groups and individuals focus essentially on each person’s self confidence and the
development of his or her potential. My approach of public speaking is global. I share my actress
tricks in order to make people feel at ease, confident and enthusiastic with their audience. My goal
is to assist anyone in need of letting go inner anxiety when it comes to public speaking , not
eliminate stage fright but taming it without judgement and kindness.

Together we will dare daring!

A little more about myself and me…

Since the age of 9, I literally fell in love with acting.This passion never left me and haunted me for

After a brief period in a Brussels drama school and Marketing studies, I started working in a
company, built my experience in various fields, in the entrepreneurial world.

At the age of 32, I decided to leave the entrepreneurial world for a while to knock on the door of the
“Cours Florent”, a prestigious acting school in Paris.

I successfully passed the audition exam, which led me directly to the second training year. After my
acting studies, I had the opportunity to practice acting in Paris and Brussels, combining theatre
plays and advertising for TV channels.

These experiences have generated a great reflection and deep questioning concerning my
professional life, leading me to the conclusion that I could bring my acting expertise to the business
world and help individuals suffering of lack of confidence and ease when speaking in public. My
passion for acting and human contacts have finally prevailed

Today using my knowledge and expertise in speech management, my love of human interaction,
as well as my long years of corporate experience, I decided to change the sails of the boat and
head for coaching people who experience difficulties when comes the moments to speak in public,
in their jobs, or moreover for any individual who suffers from shyness and a lack of assertiveness.

If you have any question…

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